DKT bags or bags with the so-called. "Banana handle", with or without reinforcements in the area of the handle. Standard is working with drilled handle while using reinforced handles (adhesive pad) improved capacity and extended service life. They are exceptionally strength, higher volume, aesthetics, and the coverage of the bag printing, color, high-resolution. Exceptional as a medium for advertising is primarily due to large areas and multiple use (for gift-wrapping in boutiques, pharmacies, jewelry stores, perfumeries). Dimensions DKT bag, which usually do, are the following:

Width of the bag: 150 - 600 mm
Bag length: 200 - 800 mm
Longitudinal rebate: 40 - 100 mm
Lower hinge: 40 - 100 mm
The thickness of the bags: 0,040; 0,045; 0,050 and 0,060 mm