The purchase of machines for laminating (lamination) "FUTURA M.135", the Italian manufacturer "SVECOM PE", we now have the possibility of making bags from multilayer materials. The maximum width of the film laminating machine is 1350 mm, while the maximum width of the roller (rubber) with which the transfer adhesive on the printed sheet is 1300 mm. The machine has the ability to work a maximum of 400 m / min. Proper selection and combination of materials for duplex and triplex films and bags, we will provide you better quality products and meet anticipated customer requirements. Because of the multi-layer structure bags are characterized by excellent optical, mechanical and barrier properties. Each layer in the bags of more layered materials increases the quality of the bag. Our offer will soon be double-layer (duplex) and triple (triplex) film with internal printing. The bags of višelojnih materials are commonly used for packaging food items (candy, coffee, pasta, pastries), for packing sugar and other grain products, and packaging of chemical and pharmaceutical products.