SGS bags or bags with flexible handle. The handle is made of a special material thicker and welded to the top of the bag so it does not take away the usable volume of the bag when carrying. Handle color is chosen independently of the color of the bag. The extraordinary harmony is obtained by choosing the handle and the design press. The lower hinge works aesthetically acceptable, and has a practical effect primarily in the case of voluminous goods. When low-density polyethylene commonly used reinforcement in the upper zone. Exceptional as a medium for advertising is primarily due to large areas and multiple use. Dimensions SGS bag, which usually do the following:

Width of the bag: 400 - 500 mm
Bag length: 300 - 550 mm
Longitudinal rebate: 50 mm
Lower hinge: 40 - 50 mm
Upper hinge: 50 - 70 mm
The thickness of the bags: 0,040; 0,045; 0,050 and 0,060 mm