a) Detection

b) No Detection

Warning tape without detection are single strips of polyethylene in which the clear written warning of the kind of installation is done (telephone cable, power cable, water, gas pipeline). Colour strips depends on the installation, and can be yellow, red, blue and so on. The warning tape is wrapped on paper tube Ø76, marked labels and packed in protective PE bags. Warning tape without detection we make are usually the width of 80 mm and a thickness of 0.140 mm. Warning tape detection are used for marking and detection of non-metallic underground installations. These are generally two-layer tape, where a laminated strip conductors are sinusnoidalno set of stainless steel or copper. Conductors may be insulated or insulated with a layer of HDPE films. Warning tape detection are usually manufactured by a width 50 and 60 mm, and a thickness of 0.100 mm. Warning tape detection that are buried in the ground are a width of 100 mm, and a thickness of 0.100 mm.