PE - PP bags – are produced from PE and PP material. This type of bags is used for packaging of bread and other bakery products. They are also great choice for many other products. They can be used in any other branch, for example in industry, healthcare, catering etc. In industry these bags can be used for storage and transportation of packaging of objects, such as small car parts, toys, decorations, tools and many other things. On top of every bag there are small holes, which enable simple assembly on any site. These bags have small cover with peforation for easier ripping. On their upper part, these bags have larger “head”, which is suitable for hanging. The lower insert provides additional space for good schedule and presentation of objects for loading into the bag. The advantage of this type of bags is great transparency, barrier features and firmness. They provide good visual presentation and keep the quality and aroma of a packaged product. Because of its firmness it prevents damaging of the packaging by sharp edges of packed product. They can be produced upon request of our client.
9-PE PP vrećice eng