Stretch foil is used for pallet wrapping, and it is mostly used in packaging of products during transportation.

It is used for protection of goods from mechanical damages, dirt, moisture and other elements that could damage the goods during transportation. It is very strong, reliable and economic.
Stretch foil has great stretchability, high transparency and resistance to various damaging.
The elementary features of stretch foil are above all great stretchability, high transparency, resistance to various damaging and profitability. Stretch foils for packaging are thin, firm and very stretchbar. Pallet wrapped in stretch foil is very stabile, protected from moisture, dust and UV radiation, and packaging costs are very low.

In our offer you can find:
• manual stretch foil – weight of 5 kg,
• machine stretch foil, 17 kg, thickness of 17 and 23 microns
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