Warning tapes without detection are one-layered polyethylene tapes with clearly indicated warning about the type of installation (e.g. telephone cable, energy cable, water pipeline, gas pipeline). The colour of the tape depends on the installation type, and it can be yellow, red, blue etc. Warning tapes are winding on cardboard tubes Ø76, marked by etiquettes and packed in protective PE bags. Warning tapes without detection we produce are mostly produced in width 80 mm and thickness 0.140 mm.

Warning tapes with detection are used for marking and detection of all non-metal underground installations. Those are mainly two-layered tapes, where betweeen laminated tapes are sinusoidally set wires of stainless steel or copper. Wires can be non-isolated or isolated by HDPE foil. Warning tapes with detection that we produce are mostly 50 and 60 mm width, and thickness 0.100 mm.
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