Foils for industry are produced from mono and multi-layered polyethylene film. They can be of various widths, with or without printing, and different slipperiness. Typical thickness for industrial foils is 0.008 – 0.200 mm. They also have possibility of microperforation, and additional processing. Foils for industry have a wide range of application: paper layering, waterproof tapes, styrofoam packaging, brick industry etc. Industrial foil of 8 mm thickness is used for paper layering, and generally it is 3 cm narrower from paper. Industrial foils of 2 m width and 0.200 mm thickness are used as waterproof tapes and are known as so called foils for special purposes, such as silage, pools etc. Foils for industry of 1,030 or 1,040 mm width, and thickness of 0.020 mm is used for packaging of styrofoam, whereas industrial foils made of LDPE (heavy) material, with 1.200 mm, thickness of 0.070 – 0.150 mm are used as cover foils for brick industry.

In our offer you can also find industrial bags with print, which also have an option of ventil opening, and can be used for packaging of artificial fertilizer, styrofoam cement, maleic acid and other products with automatic filling.
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