Within the next 60 days famous plastic processing company from Gračanica “Variplast” for their 35th anniversary of succesfull business is going to release a new plastic processing section, which costs around 5 million BAM. This is going to increase their production capacities and employ new additional staff members.

Plastic recycling

Gračanica is, however, famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina and whole region as the area of plastic processing industry. “Variplast” is among top companies in this branch, and the family Hasić from Malešići started this business in 1980s. By building new section, this company that deals with plastic mass production for needs of food, construction, textile, chemical industry and general purposes exports its products to Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia is going to complete their investment cycle.

Hasić: Over 100 employees

Working area

The new working section is going to cover 3,000 m2 of working area and with the current area of 12,000 m2 employees are going to have good working conditions. What the general problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina is, the lack of qualified working staff, can be felt in “Variplast” as well. The solution can be found in pre-qualifications, working quality improvement and income increasing.

Production of plastic mass

No good from Prime Minister’s expose – our company staff have higher incomes than average in Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation. “As a federal minister in Home of Representatives, I would like to emphasise that economy is burdened by high taxes, and the largest problem is income tax. The promise from Prime Minister Fadil Novalić that the tax burden from our ecenomy would be released was never fulfilled. If the taxes were smaller, the employees would have had larger incomes and we would all be happie. What it remains to us is to struggle”, says Hasić

Plastic processing on state-of-the-art machines